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I work with individuals ages 18 and up.  My ideal client is someone who is ready to invest in themselves in order to create and allow positive change. 


I provide counseling for a range of topics including, but not limited to:
Attachment Wounds

Emotional Abuse
Mood Disorders
Pet Loss 
Physical Abuse
Relationship Problems
Self Esteem Issues
Sexual Abuse

  Types of




Common Types of Therapy Used, but Not Limited to:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing-  I am a Certified EMDR Therapist. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - This approach uses bi-lateral stimulation to enter the neurological pathway and reprocess emotional blocks caused by trauma that continue to impact daily life. EMDR is currently the most researched approach to treating trauma and anxiety.  

Somatic Therapy-  A holistic therapy that studies the relationship between the mind and body. The focus is to help the body release stored emotions and stress that the body is caring from past traumatic experiences

Ego State Therapy-   Powerful therapy based on the premise that personality is composed of separate parts, rather than being a homogeneous whole.  These parts (which everyone has) are called ego states.  The therapist works directly with the state that can best benefit from change, rather than merely working with an intellectual, talkative state. This allows deeper healing for the parts that have been stuck in wounding.

Internal Family Systems- Transformative evidence based approach that works with our ego states that are stuck in trauma and the roles they had to play in order to survive. Developing an understand of our inner world and how it is organized. Learning to tap into our core authentic self energy and allowing it to facilitate healing for our parts. 

Energy Psychology- Combines cognitive interventions with stimulation of the human bio-energy systems such as meridians, chakras and the biofield which helps in elevating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Transpersonal Psychology- Sub-field of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology.  Utilizing spiritual resonance that exist between the therapist and client to create a supportive environment to cultivate healing. 

Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- This approach focuses on being present in each moment of your life in order to better support yourself in a non-judgmental way. 

BlueCross BlueShield
Health Choice
Self Pay $120.00 per session
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